What is your process?
I started making make wire wrapped gem/ stone necklaces and earrings as gifts for friends and family for Christmas a couple of years ago. I recently got more involved since I have been spending so much time at home in quarantine (silver lining)! I find my treasures at craft stores like Michaels, or out combing the beach for rocks that have been shaped and colored by years of rolling around with the waves. I pick out a gem or stone that catches my eye and start wrapping it in wire. Each wrap is unique and special like a customized cozy hug around the different grooves and curves of each gem/stone.
What is your inspiration? 
My inspiration is the people around me. I love to see my wonderful friends and family wearing my jewelry.
Wire is delicate and it breaks easily if twisted too tight or bent too far. Learning the precise pressure and delicate twist is a challenge. Many times Ive finished a wrap and bent the wire just too far at the top and it snaps, so it’s time to start over. It takes practice! But once you find that sweet spot of the twist, the beauty and distinction of each piece is worth the challenge.
How do you overcome challenges?
My advice to others is to do what makes you happy and be patient with yourself! If your wire breaks 10 times don’t give up on it, something beautiful might happen the next time you try.
Words of wisdom you have for other creatives?
I watched a few YouTube videos to get the idea of where to start and how to keep the gems/stones secured in the wire and then started wrapping!
One thing I have learned is that even if you have a process and plan it won’t always turn out the way you pictured but that’s okay! One reason I love the art of jewelry making in particular is being able to see others feel vibrant and sparkly wearing something I created