Meet Jerm!

What is your process?

Making whatever pops into my mind. I find that I randomly have bursts of ideas and I instantly go and execute them while they're fresh. It's partially why I've built out such a large stash of supplies so that when something comes to mind, nothing gets in the way from bringing it to life.

What inspired you?

I find inspiration literally everywhere for misc details that I pull into my designs. High fashion, drag, nature, and Dr. Seuss to name a few. A great mix of "bougie, earthy and wonky" terminology coined by my good friend and muse.

How do you overcome challenges?

Challenge is part of what drives my craft. I like being able to pull off what most can't. I tend to set unrealistic bars and then get a rise out of the process to make it happen. Ie: how can I make this really elaborately designed hat light up to accentuate the original design, be wearable but also look beautiful in the day time and show zero evidence that it has a lighting system inside of it. It takes a few tries but I just keep doing it.

What words of wisdom do you have for other creatives?  

Make what excites you and dgaf about if it doesn't excite everyone. You can't make everyone happy so instead don't worry about pleasing the people who don't see your vision and instead focus on really appealing to those that do. It's something I've had to learn and focus on. You want to get a "I love this, this is so me" reaction from your buyers. That's the reaction that people pay top dollar for