L KimonoM/L Short KimonoL Wool CoatM/L Mixed Leather Jacket

thrift shop

"One of my favorite hobbies is exploring the lost sections of the fashion world. Estate sales, vintage consignment stores and other thrifting gems to find items that have potential, but just need a refresh to give them new life..... exposure to a new audience to love them once more

That unique blazer or kimono you grab last minute to throw over your comfy basics to elevate the entire look. That's what you'll come here to find. Enjoy the thrill of thrift shopping from anywhere.

All the vintage brands are removed from the clothing to allow them to shine for the sillouehtte and colors they present. Everything here is unisex. There's no boys vs girls. All fashion is for everyone."

- Jerm a Co-Founder of Things&Stuff

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